An adventure in intentional manifestation

In January 2010, Ria and I found ourselves reading books by Machaelle Small Wright of Perelandra. I remember reading one of her books many years ago, before I met my husband, Eric. I remember at the time loving her stories of the devas and nature spirits, and about manifestation. And I remember now the pain of putting all that away in order to be able to live in the same world as everyone else.

Kasteel Nieuwenhoven

Kasteel Nieuwenhoven

The very fact of rediscovering these ideas now, together with Ria, is a form of manifestation, too. Ria also told me about the permaculture training offered at Kasteel Nieuwenhoven in St Truiden. For me, this was true synchronicity, given the longing I felt when reading about permaculture in the Transition Handbook back in July last year (see my blog about it). And here I found a permaculture training, starting just at the right time, in February, at a rather short distance from my home. AND on Fridays and Saturdays –  also a neat coincidence, since I’d been thinking of moving to working four days a week and taking Fridays free.

In January, I also started looking on Immoweb for property on the other side of Leuven. This was a form of manifestation I was acquainted with, having manifested my current home just 18 months before.

In the mean time, Ria and I started to talk about our project again, bringing the next level of clarity. On 22 January, starting our circle with silence, as always, Ria asked the question “What if this is an adventure of manifestation?”

Ria thinking big

Ria thinking big

It seems like all the discovery work we have been doing with Women Moving the Edge has been about holding space for potential to manifest – so this is what we have been doing naturally already. Now, with the Perelandra books, it seemed as if we were taking it to the next level – learning how to manifest more concretely and intentionally. We talked a little about the concept of working as equal partners with nature, as explained by Machaelle Small Wright, who evokes the balance between involution and evolution.

The dance of involution and evolution – inherent balance and free will

Involution is the realm of nature, that works with matter, means and action, while evolution is the realm of the humans and the devas, that work with definition, direction and purpose. So when humans work with nature in co-creative partnership, we humans provide the definition, direction and purpose, while nature does the rest. In this way, the involution and evolution dynamics are synchronised and in balance.

Machaelle explains that the key element that distinguishes and defines the intelligence in human form is free will. In nature, that key element is inherent balance. This fact of free will explains how the human being has been able to create so much imbalance in our environment. We use our free will, through ignorance, to distort our intuitive understanding of the soul’s definition, direction and purpose. This leaves us with two sets of definition, direction and purpose – that of the soul level (still reflected by the devic blueprint of our body) and that of our egoic free will. Ultimately, this creates disease, because we are trying to move one set of evolutionary dynamics through a body that was designed for another set. (Co-Creative Science, p. 16)

Devic blueprint

Devic blueprint

Reading this gave me an insight into my own process at the time. Machaelle describes it beautifully: “Involution/evolution balance rests not only in our ability to trust in the movement of our own soul, but also in our ability to consciously translate and perceive our soul’s definition, direction and purpose and not to use our free will to try to manipulate our soul”. This is one of the things we’re here on earth to learn, apparently. “The marrying of our conscious selves to our souls and the full fusion of this with our physical bodies”. My inner knowing recognises the truth of this.

As we develop and discipline our free will, we expand our understanding to include the wisdom to know when and how to appropriately apply free will, and our experience of involution/evolution balance will be unencumbered and beyond words.

Continuous collective inquiry with the land

These understandings shed for me a new light on the nature of our project. We have defined it as continuous collective inquiry with the land as a way of life”. We had already defined garden, orchard and water/source – as elements we wanted to manifest as a basis.

What follows is what we saw, already, in January 2010. First and foremost, it seemed important to specify that this place will be “a home” – not, for example, a conference centre. A grounding place for us, although to begin with I shall continue to live in Brussels and work for the Commission, to provide financing for any initial investments needed, and to see the children through school.

Learning to live from appetite as a basis for authentic living

Ria and Helen

Ria and Helen

There will be a strong home culture, to provide continuity and stability that will allow other people to move through the community, to stay for a while, contribute and learn. That culture will be based on circle practice and the practice of permaculture on the land and in the home. Individual members will be encouraged to learn to live from appetite, learning to listen to their soul’s impulses, as a basis for practicing authentic living – which we see as a prerequisite for authentic leadership. Life of the community will be based on some simple tenets (to be worked out as we go).

From the start, it will be important also to engage with local community. That engagement will be based on inviting – finding out who is here and what their gifts are. Our invitation is to join us in living and manifesting THE NEW LIFE – living the future now.

The new life

Some of the characteristics of the new life are:

  • natural rhythm
  • beauty
  • ease (what if it’s easy?)
  • natural unfolding

As we develop, we might also start to work with rebalancing geopathic zones (p. 68 of Co-creative Science) “One of the dynamics of balance is that it encourages an intensification of balance, as well as the corresponding movement forward to a new level of balance. The initial imbalance and down-spiralling effect are both initiated by humans – Humans, using free will and strength in determination, can stop an environmental downspiral.


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  1. Tatiana says:

    Powerful story to share, thank you. And here’s to the journey of always in/evolving! Blessings on your manifestation adventure, Tatiana x

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