When the going gets weird… the work of the Green Witch

Part of me is uncomfortable writing publicly about this – it is so far outside the consensual reality of this age. But it is too central to our story here to pass over in silence, so I’ll beg your indulgence, and dive right in.

The Green Witch coming out...

At intervals throughout my life, I’ve received communication from sources that I’ve known to be outside myself. My truth sense has always acknowledged the messages as valid, and I have always followed where they pointed. I have never really felt equipped to identify the source of this information, but reading the work of Machaelle Small Wright this year has given me more familiarity with the concept of invisible intelligences at work in our kosmos, at all levels of granularity from the universal to the microscopic.

And so, without having the slightest idea of how to proceed, other than through direct communication with an invisible void, I have been trying to learn more about this entity that has been communicating with me throughout the time that we have been coming into relationship with this smallholding I keep calling The New Life. From the moment of first opening up to the idea in November, I have been reaching out, opening up, inviting the place in to my consciousness, getting the occasional impression or glimpse. Just sensing it there, sensing it coming closer. And something has been talking to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Who are you?

And so, it seems to me to be a devic level entity. ‘Nature’, as interpreted by Small Wright, defines the term Deva as “that area of nature intelligence that operates in its architectural or creative mode… The devic level of nature designs and is the creation of the order, organization and life vitality of form.” There can be devas for different levels of spatial entity – for example, an ‘overlighting deva’ of planet earth, as surely as a deva for the plot of land that is Dorpsstraat 136. To begin with, I thought that this one might be an entity that covered not just the land at Dorpsstraat 136 but a larger area – perhaps the water catchment area. But I just couldn’t get any confirmation of that. When I located a website with maps of catchment basins in Flanders, the link to the site was dead. To me, the message was quite clear that now was not the time to identify this puppy.

Forest clearing

And then, some days later, while walking the land at Kasteel Nieuwenhoven – something I rejoice in because of the energetic fullness of the place, and the rich articulation of different spaces within the harmony of the whole – I received another such message. I had been drawn into a small clearing in the woodland where a big trunk lay, with wood chips all around. As I sat there, perched on the stump, smelling the forest air and sensing the ‘being’ that was this clearing, the message came to me: “You are the Green Witch. By using your consciousness to embrace spatial entities – just as you are doing right now…” (as, indeed, I was) “you awaken them into awareness of their wholeness. By expanding your conscious embrace, you bring spatial entities into awareness of their partness, and into relationship with other entities, and with the greater whole. This is why you are here. This is what you are for. To do this work, you need to be grounded in place yourself. The place need not be large, but you do need to be grounded in it. Then you can do this work. This is why we have brought you to the place you are now buying.”

Pure witnessing embrace

Well. Er… What was I supposed to do with that?! I couldn’t imagine anything more far fetched or further from my expectations. The insane thing is that my truth sense was going berserk while this was flashing through me. My eyes teared up, my throat closed, as if in grief, and I couldn’t stop yawning – releasing, releasing. It happens again each time I think about it, each time I tell the story. Articulation of this inner game of consciousness – that I have been playing all my life, and assuming that everybody else did too, so natural it has always been to me – has brought me in contact with a new dimension of myself and my inner world and with some of these hidden dimensions of the wider kosmos. I realise that I also do this automatically with groups of people. It’s all consciousness work, and I do it as naturally as I breathe. There is no judgement or language there, just awareness of a subtle field and its qualities. Pure witnessing embrace.

Mysterious integrity of spatial entities

As I picked myself up off the tree trunk in the clearing and continued my walking of the land at Nieuwenhoven, I felt how certain features of the landscape were energetically connected. At one point, as I moved from one to the next, I found myself blocked by a fence. I immediately experienced a powerful heart constriction. That fence was wrong! And yet, it arose from another system – a human layer that had nothing to do with the energy of the place. I found I could still sense and embrace the spatial entities and feel the connection between them. The fence became irrelevant. It was – my invisible interlocutor informed me – just the physical manifestation of humanity’s collective, restrictive thought forms. This constrains our experience as humans – and orders our movements on the land according to artificial concepts of ownership – but in itself interferes little with the natural energetics of the place, only in our experience of it and of its wholeness.

Talking to the pendulum

The next time I was drawn to pick up my pendulum (Sunday 28 June), I launched into another investigation to identify what it was that was talking to me. A number of things happened. First, my pendulum showed me a refinement. Its signal for ‘No’ is quite clear – it just hangs stationary on its chain and the chain shivers. Its signal for ‘Yes’ is also most unmistakable – great circular swings. Only sometimes in one direction, sometimes in the other. That had puzzled me when I first started working with this pendulum, but now it became clear to me – the answer just appeared in my head. Clockwise circular swing means ‘Yes’; anticlockwise swing means ‘Yes, but not the way you think’. This distinction is proving remarkably helpful as it effectively relativises my own thinking for me when necessary.

The work of the Green Witch

As soon as that was clear, the questions to ask – and other unsolicited but relevant information, came flooding into my mind. What follows is a literal transcript of the information, in the order in which it came through.

The exclusive purview of this entity is ‘the work of the Green Witch’. I will support you in understanding your work more fully over time. This work is an aspect of the regional interconnection and caravanning work of the emergent network of places linking, among others, Axladitsa-Avatakia and Kufunda village. Your work will not require you to travel. It will require you to write, but not in the way you are thinking of now. Your work is work that you are naturally doing already. It will require other work as well, but not in the way that you think.

“I am the entity that brought you in contact with this land. I am related to the planet, but not in the way that you think. Your higher self is in relationship with me. Previous lives have been in relation to this work, but not in the way that you think.

“Ria and Chrisje are explicitly part of this work. So are others – who are already identified. They can be identified in a list of names. The architect will be recommended by someone you are already talking to.

The entity seems content to be known as the Deva of the Green Witch. My pendulum says “You are the Green Witch, but not in the way that you think. You are doing the work of the Green witch, which is awakening Gaia as the holarchy of spatial entities”. I have a sense of what that means, but I can barely articulate it. I am astonished to realise that this deva has been with me for many, many years, communicating with me without being ready to identify itself. And to realise that I have been unwittingly doing this work since I was tiny.

I am curious to see where this will lead. Since all this happened, I have been living in greater lightness and joy, and deeper groundedness. Life really is a magical adventure unfolding! The Green Witch has been blithely interjecting its knowing into other conversations, too – it seems particularly drawn to presence-full circles of inquiry like our Women Moving the Edge conversations, and its favourite topic so far seems to be the evolutionary trajectory of humanity and its role in the kosmos.

About iyeshe

Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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11 Responses to When the going gets weird… the work of the Green Witch

  1. Lisa Wessan says:

    You are right on target — keep listening, writing, recording and sharing. On some level, all is well in the world and it does NOT need saving. On another level, we are in trouble and need to re-connect to our Oneness and stop destroying ourselves and the atmosphere, water and land.

    You might enjoy reading “THE STORY OF B” by Daniel Quinn. This is an amazing story of how a small group of thought leaders try to communicate the danger and toxicity of de-tribalizing the world, with totalitarian agriculture, consumerism and spreading the western, dominating culture everywhere. I don’t want to share any spoilers; in brief, it’s an adventure novel about brave pioneers in ecopsychology and the resistance to these ideas in the “civilized” world. I hope Steven Spielberg or James Cameron make it into a movie someday!

    [[[Namaste Hug]]]

    • iyeshe says:

      Thank you, Lisa! I agree with you that the world is fine – it would just a pity if humanity failed in its blooming because we didn’t grok that the time has come for us to join in co-creation with the kosmos.

      Thank you also for the tip about the Story of B – it sounds just up my street and is now in my shopping basket. I’ll think of you when I read it!

  2. Yvette Le Tourneau says:

    Another great revelatory piece, thanks for the offering. And I love your comment here iyeshe that it would be “a pity if humanity failed in its blooming” …

    … we are in this remarkable relationship of remembering together, along with the soul of the world. What a time to “Be”!

  3. Wow. I am speechless. I just happened to find The Twelve Teachings of the Sacred Tree on my Facebook page and began to read that and other postings. They were wonderful. Then I came to this. I have a taxi for a plane in less than an hour, but I couldn’t stop reading it. So many levels. So many ripples. So much wisdom there. I just feel that it sounds so natural, so fluid. So meant to be spoken. And so true. There is a lot there to not just ponder but allow to speak even to whoever reads it. And the land looks gorgeous. I love the way the piece develops and the description of devas and spatial entities. Weird indeed, but then not weird. Nature in its essence. Thanks so much for opening up this topic and I am sure it sounds like just the first page of much more.

    • iyeshe says:

      Well met, dear Margaret! I guess this subject is right up your street. I am finding that the Green Witch is becoming ever more present in my life. It seems to hang out (at least that part of it that is concerned with things around here) about six inches behind my right ear, and makes it known quite clearly when it has something to communicate.
      Most notably it is drawn to circles of inquiry, and speaks quite cogently about humanity’s evolutionary trajectory as it is called into relationship and co-creation with our planet and its other resident intelligences in the invisible realms. Quite fascinating how the locus of shared attention and inquiry will draw input through from outside my own knowledge – and yet I am quite confident about the veracity of what I am speaking, on behalf of something quite other.

  4. Ursula says:

    Dear, this is awesome. Thank you. I am happy you went beyond the fence. Personally for me this is/was the most difficult step. Sometimes this fences also appear physically, inviting to go beyond them. I am on my fourth of fifth book now on the elementals since February, and now realising, the analysing, trying to understand stuff is also about controlling, our way. At the moment I just try to BE and observe and listen, let nature teach me. It is so rich. I wonder how humans could go on so long without them in the more recent past. Using them, or rather, let them do their supporting work rather than us pushing, makes everything so easy (what if it’s easy?) from a yoga class to a successful meeting, or even cooking. Life is so exiting now, and there is so much to learn. Starting to make connections now, and seeing how a lot in AoH is based on honouring them and asking for all the help in the whole process. Maybe in the end it does not matter much to know what is what, and where it comes from, as long as we go with it, and use our sensing, and listen and trust to what we sense. Open Heart attitude..maybe it does help to understand and name. It is a delicate dance.
    Much love and joy,

  5. Ursula says:

    I forgot to say, that you got such a clear message seems really very precious. Wow.

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