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Waste management

One of the principles of permaculture is ‘produce no waste’. Nature works through interlocking circles – what is produced by one part of the system is consumed by another, as when animals breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, … Continue reading

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Community makes work light

On Saturday 14 August our land saw the first community effort. Taco turned up with his super-nifty mini chainsaw and took down the unwanted grey willow and elder trees from the orchard, the elder by the ‘mestput’, the unloved juniper … Continue reading

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If you never goof, you never learn!

Friday found me hungry to return to Ransberg and breathe in the air of the land, so I spent the afternoon here, in blissful solitude. Jos indeed did the work, as promised, leaving the tiles from the east side of … Continue reading

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Welcome, friends of Dorpsstraat 136!

We’ve had the keys since 29 June. We now have running water and one functioning toilet. On 14 August, Taco Blom, our venerated professor of permaculture, is coming to prune the old walnut tree, remove the willows and elder from … Continue reading

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What to do with horsetails?

One of our big inquiries at the moment is what to do about the infestation of field horsetails (Equisetum arvense) in the kitchen garden. The things are happily sprouting between the pavings behind the house, and are clearly also having … Continue reading

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Green Wizard meets Green Witch

Over on the Archdruid’s Report a few weeks ago, John Michael Greer introduced the term “Green Wizard”. He defines these characters as “individuals who are willing to take on the responsibility to learn, practice and thoroughly master a set of … Continue reading

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Of Toilets and Tiles – and thank God for neighbours!

Yesterday I took Benjamin Aaron to visit Ransberg. He wanted to get a feel for the land, being very taken with the project. And I wanted to approach the neighbour next-door-but-one to beg their help with cutting the meadow in … Continue reading

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