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Economy, artistry and poetry

Someone named Postnikov – I never heard about him before – has written some interesting thoughts on Economy. His post starts with a few quotes: Let the beauty we love be what we do. – Rumi The environmental crisis is … Continue reading

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Demolition day

The weather held, and whoever showed up were the right people! For a dangerously unstable structure, that little out building certainly was attached to its uprightness… Rather unexpectedly, what we lost in structure, we gained in view – now that … Continue reading

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Salvage and re-use

Last weekend, while it was perishingly cold and I elected to stay at home cocooning in the sofa with my kids, Ria and Chrisje got creative and started to transform salvaged elements of the previous landscape into something that will … Continue reading

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Open day again: Saturday 12 February 2011

It’s time for another open day in Dorpsstraat  – Next Saturday, 12 February from 10.00. The iconic outbuilding needs to come down, it’s starting to shed planks on the heads of the neighbour’s guests… Friend Bart is coming to help, … Continue reading

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