No Brainer

I met Helen and Ria at a workshop called Embody (Y)our Calling.

The workshop was hosted by Ria Baeck (Vitis-tct) and Mary –Alice  Arthur. (Get Soaring)

After the workshop I was no longer the same person, I had changed.  It had been a profound experience. And I had made some new friends.  Helen and her daughter Anna invited me for lunch and that’s how my involvement with the Dorpsstraat  project began.

I had quit my day job and was putting all my energy into storytelling, I had recently given a workshop on storytelling in Brussels was organizing storytelling evenings .

When I saw the house that Helen had bought to renovate and got an idea of what Helen and Ria wanted to do with it I became interested.  The idea appealed to me to be part of a project whose aim is to create an environment in harmony. Ria had already cultivated a substantial and happy garden but much work still needed to be done on the house. I could see that my skills as a carpenter could be put to good use in a way that would share the same ideals as Helen and Ria. It was easy, if Helen and Ria were willing, I gladly wanted to be part of this team. And yes, they were willing.

Recently I attended a workshop called “Circle Intensive” organized by Ria Baeck which was hosted by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea (PeerSpirit). The people they brought together, their experience and generosity gave me a deeper understanding of what it means to host a circle and the practice of speaking clearly and listening attentively. By attending the workshop I was inspired by the people around me and gained insights on how to improve my hosting of “Storytelling Circles”

Next week I continue putting a new floor in the attic and on Tuesday we have a meeting with the architect Herwig Van Soom.  I look forward to hosting a storytelling workshop for the Imagination Club in Brussels towards the end of October.

Warmest regards,


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One Response to No Brainer

  1. iyeshe says:

    So happy to discover your post here, Martin! I’ve been waiting eagerly for you to show up here with your storytelling hat on. You have brought more than just your carpenting skills to our micro-community. You have the soul of a shaman and the heart of an artist, and from the outset you have displayed your courage and integrity. AND you bring a network of dedicated craftspeople and artisans with whom you have already forged strong bonds of trust and respect. That makes it a delight to have you with us on this journey. So I consider you to be one of the bigger miracles that the Kosmos has manifested in the centre of our circle, and I’m profoundly grateful that you have moved to hold the rim with us.

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