One Hour at Work.

While doing renovations on the house I needed a nail gun. I phoned a friend who lives nearby to ask if I could borrow his. “Yes,” he said.
“Can I come and fetch it right now?”
“Sure,” he replied.
I was very happy it was all going so smoothly and gave myself a pat on the back. I took a sample of nails along to make sure I got the right gun.
When I got there and tried the nails they fitted perfectly. As he was giving me tips on using the gun I had this feeling that the gun would not work.
On later reflection I knew the gun wouldn’t work. I took it anyway. I clung onto a hope that somehow the gun would suffice and we’d get the all the insulating that needed to be done by the end of the day.
The gun did not work. Not at all. I was furious, my plans were now ruined all that backpatting had been premature and I still had to return the dud gun. I inwardly cursed my friend, “You b3#d², you gave me a dud and wasted my time,” when actually, I had preferred to cling onto a belief that the gun would work rather than listen to my intuition.

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One Response to One Hour at Work.

  1. iyeshe says:

    Ouch, Martin! What would you have done differently if you’d listened to your intuition?
    I do notice that this dear place of ours – both the house and the land – offer us so many potent opportunities for learning. My particular challenges – the things that stress me out – are around the finances, especially as the end of the mortgage approaches before the end of the work! The lessons for me here are about trusting the process (if we were called to this place, and have listened carefully at each step, surely the purpose isn’t bankruptcy!!) and going with the flow. Knowing when to wait and when to move on. There will be some intense listening for us in the new year.
    I’m curious, Martin, what other learning opportunities you have been offered as a result of your connection with this project?

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