The Wood Shed

We started the wood shed back in the summer of 2012. Martin built the basic struture out of wood from the demolition of the outbuildings and some of the old roof beams.

We had loads of discussions about how to roof the shed. As I understood the conversation (not having strong opinions either way), Ria didn’t want the shed to be too tall (at the back) because it would disrupt the view over the valley. Martin didn’t want the shed to be too low (at the front) because, being a tall man, he knows what it’s like to keep bumping your head in places that aren’t spacious. In the end, both had their way, with the result that the slope from back to front of the roof was not steep enough for roof tiles to do their work effectively (you will remember we had PLENTY of roof tiles waiting for a new incarnation).

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So the roof remained in the unmanifest realm until we finally sourced and placed some water-resistant-but-environmentally-friendly ‘onderdak’ panels (I still don’t know the English word!) in September 2013. We used some of the broader planks from the outhouses to side the shed, to keep out the elements. By this time we had also inherited loads of lovely wooden pallets from the neighbour, who was paving his carpark. Those were perfect to create a floor for the shed, to keep the logs and tools out of the wet earth.

Of course then came the work of shifting all the various piles of logs we had built up (I am rather generously including myself in this ‘we’, because I did very little of the work of either building those piles or shifting them into the shed – that somehow always got done while I was off in Brussels. I just got to witness the result, with deep gratitude to the staying power and muscles of my sisters Ria and Chrisje).

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The final touch came this summer, when Ria’s son Toon took time out from working on the first floor in the house to place some tiles on the roof (for aesthetic purposes only!) and put up a gutter and rain barrel to catch all the lovely water that falls from the sky…

Finished at last!

Finished at last!


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