Adding rooms

With the approach of the summer and my imminent move – downsizing to a smaller space in Brussels with the departure of my children to study abroad and transferring my cats and some of my furniture to Ransberg – it was time to continue work on the rooms on the first floor.

The first job was placing the ceiling in my future bedroom. As usual, our first reflex was to ask our friends for help. Chrisje did her usual epic paint job to get the ceiling slats ready for placing. Martin stepped up with his carpenting expertise, and Matthieu volunteered to join him as apprentice for a couple of days, to learn more about the craft. With Matthieu came Sophia and his three children on the first weekend, so we were quite festive while we worked! On the second weekend, I stepped in to help out – and learned that men like to work without talking! In the mean time, Ria was busily grandmothering, with granddaughters Pia and Ava on site, helping make biscuits to feed the hungry workers.

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Martin, Toon, Chrisje and Ria all took a big hand in everything else that happened. Placing the insulation, and the fermacell, slathering the brick inner wall with lime plaster and the insulated walls with the finer lime finish, laying the bamboo floor, reducing the entrance to a door-sized hole and fitting the door… I got to help Chrisje oil the floor as a finishing touch. What a gift: a beautiful bedroom, ready for occupation! I moved in towards the end of June, with help from Ria, Toon, and Tom. More about that in another post…

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Once my room was done, attention turned to the front bedroom, which needed to be ready in time to receive our first house guests at the end of July. Pretty much the same cast, only much of the insulation work had already been done in the previous phase of work.

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During August we placed the tadelakt on two walls in the bathroom. A very fascinating – and rather elbow-grease intensive – process. Quite amazing to use such natural materials to create such a beautiful, waterproof finish.

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