Planting trees – and so much more!

Well, our work weekend passed like a dream – thanks to all our friends who showed up in dribs and drabs over the weekend to help: Steve all the way from India (via Brussels),  Diane and Christophe from Luxembourg, Michaela, Dorothée and Gabriele from Leuven, Bruno and Jenny from Budingen, just round the corner, and Eike and Shuktaan from Brussels…

Ria went to collect the trees from Louis Melis’s nursery on Friday afternoon, so everything was ready when our volunteers arrived.

The picture left in our visitors’ book by Dorothée and Gabriele says it all (in Flemish):

The whole day in pictures

The whole day in pictures

We took the trees down the garden, Ria explained to everybody how to plant the trees, everybody worked hard (including the chicken, who was EVERYWHERE – but not Twinkie, who just sat and watched). We were through with planting trees much sooner than expected (before lunch on Saturday), but fortunately Ria had all manner of other suggestions of things to keep us busy for the day… all interspersed with opportunities to eat delicious food, thanks to Chrisje – including, mid afternoon, apple cake, freshly baked speculoos biscuits and hot chocolate made with milk fresh from the cow brought along by Bruno that morning!

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One Response to Planting trees – and so much more!

  1. Our ducks do the same thing as that chicken whenever we start digging! They get in the way but they are soooo cute!

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