The kitchen story

As soon as work stopped (suspended by lack of funds) on our new living space, we moved in and started living there anyway. As my mother always used to say, contemplating small nooks and crannies in the family’s holiday cottage in France that were all inhabited by some form of wildlife: “nature abhors a vacuum”. So we became the wildlife that moved into the vacuum of the empty living space.

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We soon installed a ‘temporary kitchen’ – a sink set in a plank balanced on old cupboards, an old table with a camping gas stove, and all our other old dressers and kitchen cupboards all clustered around the fridge and the oven… We lived like that, quite comfortably, for almost 2 years! Except that Chrisje was always longing for her first real and proper kitchen of her own… and, since my funds were now all gone, she was going to provide the resources to manifest it! Some of the kitchen equipment (oven, steam oven, gas stove) were already ordered and waiting for delivery, and Martin had already drawn us up some great 3d plans made to measure.

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It seemed to take forever to finally decide to ask Bert, the son of Michel who made our windows and stairs, to build the new kitchen furniture for us from organic ash wood. But once we did, there was a whole cascade of other stuff to coordinate and get done – all by different folks – beforehand: breaking down the temporary kitchen, emptying the living space and moving back into the old living space in the ground floor front rooms (us); fixing the warped planks in the ceiling – that needed scaffolding – (Paulus); and laying the beech wood floor (Guido); painting and oiling the new kitchen components (us); constructing the kitchen in situ (Bert); wiring up the electrics (Leo)…

It felt really strange moving out of that gorgeous, warm and light environment back into the dark, musty old front rooms at the end of January. We especially missed watching the birds in the garden as we sat at the table. But knowing we were depriving ourselves for a good cause, we made the best of it.

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Everything ran smoothly, and in late February Bert delivered all the component pieces of the kitchen for us to paint and oil – Chrisje prefers to do these things herself! Thankfully, we had a nice empty space big enough to fit everything!

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The new kitchen was installed in mid-March and since then we’ve been happily learning how to live in it!

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