Open Garden Days in June 2015

Again this year we opened our doors to organic garden-lovers from throughout Flanders, under the auspices of Velt, the Flemish association for eco-gardeners. We received around 100 visitors over the two days, including friends, colleagues, neighbours and gardening enthusiasts. Ria guided people around the garden, answering questions and exchanging tips with beginners and masters alike. Much was learned on all sides.

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For my part, I was really with the land during these days, sensing its response to the stimulus of so many new life forms entering this space. It seems that there is a ‘human’ level of seeing, which sees the ‘garden’ that the human inhabitants have co-shaped with the land; and then there is a ‘creature’ level of seeing the land itself, feeling the place and being seen by it. Many of the people whom I spoke to mentioned feeling the uniqueness of this small piece of land, which harbours so many little biotopes and spots with different characters – the kitchen garden, the pond, the fire circle, the swales, the small island of wilderness at the core.

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Many people also stayed for tea, cake and conversations, and took the time to look through the picture books which tell the story, year by year, of the shaping of the place. I felt as though I had made many new friends and met some new neighbours this weekend. The cherry on the cake came on Sunday late in the afternoon, when two of the grandchildren of the couple who used to live here showed up. What a joy! We took a leisurely stroll around, and heard from these two cousins how it had been to grow up in relation to this place. How the land had been worked, and how their grandparents had held and lived here. Weaving some new stories into our field, drawing in some more of the history of the place, creating more wholeness.

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