The Forge @ Ransberg – Part 2: The First Workshop

For the first workshop we were joined by Nathalie and Erik, Bernard, Matthieu and his daughter Lucie, Andrea and Holger, as well as Michaela and Chrisje, who also took part in the bowl-making process, while I focused on preparing of food for the weekend.

We started in the tent, which had been transformed by the instruments that Gabriella and Heather had brought with them, into a lovely sacred circle space. Here we started and ended our days with sounding of the bowls, gongs and cymbals, all wreathed around with sounds of birds and the wind in the leaves of the poplars. And the occasional synchronistic syncopation from the village church bells, the jingle of the local ice cream van, and the disco sounds wafting down from the Hias Palace of Swing next door!

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From the opening moments, our little community sank seamlessly into the natural flow of the bowl-making process. The first afternoon was dedicated to choosing the metal for the bowls, scribing the circles and cutting and filing the discs.

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After supper, we all trooped down to the fire circle to share conversation as we waited for the fire to create the heat needed for the first annealing of the discs.

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A thoroughly absorbing and magical process, rounded off by some magical gonging in the gloaming by Heather and Gabriella.

Day two dawned wet, so breakfast was hosted indoors. The living space breathed out and we all fit in without even squeezing.

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By the time we were ready to start beating metal, the sun had appeared. Each maker found his or her place, and the alchemical process of shaping the bowls began, each person ensconced in their own private process, each hosted by the land in the place they had chosen to occupy. The valley rang with the never-before-heard tap-tap-tap of hammers on metal on wood.

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When undertaking creative physical work with natural materials in the open air, it seems especially important to eat pure and natural, nourishing food. Catering was my self-appointed task for these days, and it felt especially potent to be able to source some of our means from our own garden – salad and herbs were already online, even though it was relatively early in the year.

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The evening saw the return of Ria from her hosting assignment in Amsterdam, There was time for conversation, companionship and tarot, and good fatigue saw most folks early to bed.

Day three brought us through to the end of the process, each bowl found its coherence through fire and anvil, and a fresh new generation of singing bowls came into the world. The workshop closed with the ‘initiation’ of each new bowl, welcomed into the commonwealth of sacred frequencies resonant with the invitations of these times on planet earth. What a privilege to be in such work together!

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