Open Garden Days – 3 & 4 June 2017

Ransberg garden

Last summer’s glory

You are welcome to come and visit us between 13.00 and 18.00 on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 June.

We have flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruit bushes and trees, a pond, chickens, some wilderness and even a trampoline for those who want to kick their shoes off and blow off some steam.

The address is: Dorpsstraat 136, 3470 Ransberg (Kortenaken)

Ransberg jug



About iyeshe

Woman returning to the wild. Cunning linguist, mother of twins, witch, host, harvester, spaceholder for the dawning Aquarian age, evolutionary wooden-spoon wielder, self-mitigating carbon footprint, wannabe holon in the forthcoming collective buddha...
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1 Response to Open Garden Days – 3 & 4 June 2017

  1. sharOn says:

    It looks lovely…and inviting…thank you for sharing these pictures

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