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The Wood Shed

We started the wood shed back in the summer of 2012. Martin built the basic struture out of wood from the demolition of the outbuildings and some of the old roof beams. We had loads of discussions about how to … Continue reading

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Beyond Demolition

It feels like the end of an era. Our living space has been changed irreversibly. All that’s left of the iconic vista in the banner of this blog is… the photograph. Guido and the crew spent last week demolishing the … Continue reading

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Demolition time again.

Things are really moving smoothly forwards here at Dorpsstraat 136. Guido and his crew have vacated the premises for a while, leaving us with a spanking new roof, snugly insulated, and two storeys with non-undulating, sturdy floors that run all … Continue reading

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Raising the roof – opening to sky

It’s been a shockingly long time since I last posted an entry here. That’s because I’ve been waiting. We’ve been pregnant, gathering the team and preparing the plans. The time limit on the mortgage is about to run out, and … Continue reading

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Demolition day

The weather held, and whoever showed up were the right people! For a dangerously unstable structure, that little out building certainly was attached to its uprightness… Rather unexpectedly, what we lost in structure, we gained in view – now that … Continue reading

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