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The unfolding story

Planting trees – and so much more!

Well, our work weekend passed like a dream – thanks to all our friends who showed up in dribs and drabs over the weekend to help: Steve all the way from India (via Brussels),  Diane and Christophe from Luxembourg, Michaela, … Continue reading

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Saving lives without getting out of bed

Something rather extraordinary happened early in the morning of 1 May 2013… A gentleman driving through the village, somewhat worse for drink, blinded by the sun rising over the rooftops and reaching for his shades… came off the road at … Continue reading

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Nature abhors a vacuum

We have lived in so many different ways inside the spaces offered by the house here at 136 Dorpsstraat. We felt right from the start that the ‘house spirit’ of this place was a very shy and simple soul. It … Continue reading

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Raising the roof – opening to sky

It’s been a shockingly long time since I last posted an entry here. That’s because I’ve been waiting. We’ve been pregnant, gathering the team and preparing the plans. The time limit on the mortgage is about to run out, and … Continue reading

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Requiem for a walnut tree

While the drama was unfolding in Flanders, I was attending a wedding in Chaudfontaine, near Liège. The storm passed us by – literally: it raged on the other side of the wall from the small enclosed space in the Chateau … Continue reading

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and then a storm…

We were not sure it was coming our way… the wind became stronger and the local fruit farmers started ‘shooting’ at the storm. But to no avail. It started raining and we went inside. Suddenly it was almost totally dark, … Continue reading

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Divine Country

Over, at the online community of Powers of Place, I received this beautful story via Raffi, an online friend. He speaks about Eiwor Backlund, who started a cafe in a rural area… Eiwor is in Sweden, and the cafe is … Continue reading

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