This blog tells the story of an action research project unfolding in the lives of three women seeking to explore the practice of manifestation and co-creation with the physical world in all its visible and invisible dimensions.

Our purpose is to find out what is possible by going there.

Our inquiry is how to live in alignment with the immanent world soul in all things.

The field of our experimentation is a smallholding in the province of Vlaams Brabant, in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium.

Our operating principles will unfold over time. As things now stand, they are:

  • Offer what you can
  • Ask for what you need.

Our core question is “What if it’s easy?”

The patterns we feel drawn to – a combination of:

  • Art of hosting – relationship, shared meaning, community
  • Action research – continuous inquiry, rigorous 1st, 2nd and 3rd person research, harvesting our inquiry from the outset
  • Permaculture – working with life, earth power, nature spirits in co-creative partnership with nature.

8 Responses to About

  1. Janie says:

    what an interesting, inspiring site . . . I’d love to follow your adventures!

  2. I came to your site after reading an AoH posting. This is lovely. Thanks for sharing your adventures and discovery of self as you soak in this “place”.

    Lately, I have been talking about my lack of presence in the world of nature. I need to work on that. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Thanks for sharing the unfolding of this time of your life.

  3. dear sisters and other readers,
    We love your operating principles, they are like ours “Ask for what you need and offer what you can”–the third agreement in PeerSpirit circle process. we wish you well–we are coming to Belguim…two women who have carried circle work around the world for 20 years. We have our own experiment on Whidbey island in Washington state of USA and we talk about what it will mean to age in this little neighborhood taking care of each other and growing as much of our own food as possible. We who are in this experiment are everywhere– depositing treasure back into the earth.

    Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea

    • iyeshe says:

      Dear Christina and Ann – yes, we discovered the immense helpfulness of the 3rd circle agreement very early on in our journey towards the manifestation of this place. My thanks to you for your life’s work, for making this explicit so that it came to us when we needed it to move forward in a deeply aligned way.
      We are thrilled that you will visit us here – and most curious as to what state you will find us in! Possibly authentic chaos and filth – although with Ria and Chris in residence, I find it hard to imagine either!
      Part of our vision is for this place to be in living connection with other ‘awakened’ places across the globe. This is done by caravaning – something I want to write about in this blog at greater depth in the near future. We bring a part of our place when we travel to other places; we ask for what we need and we offer what we can as we stay and contribute; we take with us part of the place we have stayed when we leave to return to our own, we leave that place richer from our contribution, and we leave enriched by its gifts.
      It gives me great joy to reach out to you on Whidbey Island – I hope that I will be able to caravan over to you there one day.

  4. Dear All,
    I came to this site from the Dark Mountain Network one – the beautifying practicality or practical beauty of what you are doing are aspects of an applied new reality inspiring to those from afar for whom such evidence is vital and encouraging. Would be very happy to hear if any of you will be at the Dark Mountain festival to speak to.
    All best wishes,
    Mike M

    • iyeshe says:

      Hi Mike! It’s good to know someone from over on Dark Mountain is encouraged by what we are doing! I would have loved to be at the DM festival, but I’m attending a wedding that weekend, in the lap of civilized luxury, instead. Happy to engage, though, around any questions or inquiries you have – by skype and email.

      • Hi iyeshe – Goodness, I am so sorry not to have responded sooner: I seem to have been receiving the new blog alerts but not ones for replies. I do have some questions for you about how one might engage with what you are doing or indeed emulating your achievements. Would love to come to your Open Day this week but there’s some more Dark Mountain activity afoot! Take care, Mike

  5. I’ve been eagerly awaiting your contribution to Kosmos! It arrived yesterday and now I’ve found your blog! Happy day! As part of the core team at Christine Center in the forests of central Wisconsin our retreat center is aligned with spiritual deepening for global transformation. The witness and encouragement of your words and beautiful pictures emanate through your blog.
    Thank you for your groundbreaking work and depth of presence with which you bring it forward..
    We too use the circle process that Christina and Ann have inspired in so many ways.

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